ALIS-edu for Postgraduate Education

The transition to digital pathology is quite timely for the postgraduate students, who are mainly practicing doctors and their lecturers who are full-time pathologists. Their busy work schedules do not allow enough time to attend physical classes and carry out research, which is the heart of postgraduate studies.

 ALIS-edu for postgraduate education is designed to meet the needs of this extremely busy group of students. The platform capitalizes on technology to offer high quality online training. The system is easy to use and allows users to access training materials and lecturers anytime, anywhere.

With well-thought features to suit the users needs, ALIS-edu is the ultimate solution for postgraduate pathology education.

Benefits of ALIS-edu to postgraduate students

Digital Pathology

  • Allows lecturers to collect digital images and create a case repository for remote teaching.

Progress Tracking

  • Track progress and quality of student interaction with online course content and also monitor individual students performance.


  • Enables lecturers to set, assess, mark, and submit examinations and CATs results online.


  • Enables flexibility via online classes.


  • Access digital images repository created by the pathologists for research purposes.

Personal planning 

  • ALIS-edu helps postgraduate students to organize and plan for their routine professional medical practices.

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