ALIS-edu for Universities

Technology is rapidly transforming education. ALIS-edu for universities offers a digital solution to the growing needs in pathology medicine by steering the shift to digital pathology where the field is rapidly moving to.

ALIS-edu offers a great opportunity to universities to utilize the platform to meet their expanding learning needs. The system is timely considering that the students in university are in the digital generation era and technology is their preference.

ALIS-edu software conveniently links the university, pathologists, lecturers, and students into a consolidated unit thus easing the burden of traditional learning approach.

Benefits of ALIS-edu for Universities


  • The platform offers an-all-round solution to the university’s teaching needs. Right from supervision of students and lecturers, work planning, examination, continuous assessment, research among others. 


  • Link to pathologists for part-time lecturing.  
  • Access to comprehensive, well-defined, high-quality online pathology content.
  • Hold online lessons for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Oversee online teaching to ensure lessons are going on, and the university and students are obtaining value for money.
  • Track students progress throughout the course.



  • ALIS-edu will improve research capacity for lecturers and students.
  • Organizes information in the database for easier research.
  • Provides researchers with software tools for data processing, analysis, and aggregation.

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