ALIS-edu for Undergraduate Education

ALIS-edu is designed to bridge the gap between the widening shortage of pathology lecturers by linking universities with pathologists via digital technology. The platform brings together specialized pathologists that universities can engage on a part-time basis once they register with The Pathology Network.  

We recognize that the undergraduate level is a very critical stage for medical students and are committed to ensuring that they easily access training to excel in the field. Getting a pathology lecturer is a hard task for Universities owing to the scarcity of pathologists globally. Very few are available to engage in teaching full-time or even part-time. We are here to address this challenge.

ALIS-edu creates room for pathology lecturers and students to engage online at their convenient time via virtual learning.

Benefits of ALIS-edu for Undergraduate Education

Standardized content

  • Access high-quality standardized pathology content that is specific to undergraduate students.

Progress Tracking

  • Lecturers and course administrators can continually track the progress of students and monitor their performance.


  • Lecturers can set, evaluate, score, and submit examinations and Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) results online.

Virtual supervision

  • University administrators can supervise online teaching and track man-hours.

Digital Pathology Education

  • Access to digital pathology materials among them digital slides and images.

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