ALIS-trn for Pathology Labs

Pathology Labs are extremely crucial in disease diagnosis. Poor quality, delayed, and inaccurate results create mistrust and delayed diagnosis. Hence, there is dire need for pathology labs to make a shift in their operation strategy and adopt more reliable, flexible, faster, accessible, secure and digital technology to help solve these problems on the go.

ALIS -trn for pathology labs software is a digital platform that presents users with a real-time solution to their lab processes. Right from receiving specimen samples, grossing and assigning to pathologists, the platform is tailored to address your entire lab process.

Benefits of ALIS-trn for Pathology Labs

 Organized workflow

  • Effortlessly organize workflow assigned to your lab from the various facilities. 

Improved communication

  • Seamless communication between the laboratory, patients, and clinicians. 

Secure online data storage

  • Unlimited storage of digital slides at no extra cost. This database can also be used to create long-term prognostic analyses.

Outsource work

  • Outsource work to other pathologists on the platform. 

Optimize efficiency

  • ALIS-trn helps you to track the progress of individual cases and seek second opinions where necessary.

Instant SMS notifications

  • The system sends SMS alerts through your mobile phone app notifying you and your patient when a test is ready.

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