Covid-19 Cancer Subsidy Program

Covid-19 Cancer Subsidy Program

Patients with cancer have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of fear of contracting the virus, many people are staying away for medical facilities, even when they have growing tumours. Hospitals have reduced or canceled elective surgical procedures such as biopsies which are critical for diagnosing cancer. And perhaps most distressing, is the poverty caused by the pandemic-related restrictions. For patients living below or near the $5 mark per day before the pandemic, the cost of a pathology report has now become prohibitive. Sadly, this economic down-turn is expected to extend well into next year.

The Pathology Network (TPN) is committed to affordable healthcare for all. Through participating hospitals and pathology laboratories, TPN is subsidizing the cost of cancer diagnosis by Ksh1500 per histology test for cash paying patients through a unique subsidy programme on ALIS-trn.

How does the subsidy programme work?

Patients needing biopsies for various medical conditions are being attended to at medical facilities across the country. For the next 3 months, starting June 1st 2020, any medical facility (hospital, medical centre or medical clinic) ordering tests and paying cash through ALIS-trn will receive a discount of Ksh 1500 for every histology test sent to participating pathology laboratories.

Medical facilities can join this programme by signing up and subscribing on ALIS-trn.

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Pathology laboratories participating in this programme will not bear the cost of the discount. They will receive their stated usual fee for histology specimens and the discount amount will be honored by the Covid-19 Cancer Subsidy Programme Fund. If participating laboratories wish to reduce their prices in the spirit of the subsidy fund, they are more than welcome to do so!

Pathology laboratories currently using ALIS-trn are eligible to apply to participate in this programme. Download the application here.

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