ALIS-trn for Pathologists

Pathologists work tirelessly to ensure that diagnosis are made in a timely and efficient manner. However, quite often this is not achievable due to many underlying factors among them too much work due to the scarcity of pathologists – which is a global problem, with Africa being hardest hit. The struggle to meet deadlines ends up messing with their off work schedules and at times leads to delayed work. 

ALIS-trn is a digital pathology technology platform that enables you to access your work via phone or computer wherever you are anytime. The system platform offers you with a 360 approach to digital pathology and allows you to conduct everything right from accessing patient cases, referring, developing reporting and storage of data on the go. Isn’t that interesting?

Through the ALIS-trn platform, we help pathologists to organize their work and create linkages that can help ease work burden. 

Benefits of ALIS-trn to pathologists   

Storage and labeling

  • Enables you to store and access digital slides for quick access and creation of long-term prognostic analyses.

Real time communication

  • Receive real-time notifications via SMS through your mobile phone app notifying when you are assigned a job.

Work Remotely

  • ALIS-trn gives you the freedom to work remotely and effectively from anywhere in the world.

Collaborate with peers

  • The system allows you to ease your work burden by re-assigning it to colleagues in the network as well as seek second opinions.

Boost your profile and workflow

  • Get more exposure by being part of a wider professional network.

Continuous training and capacity building

  • Enhance your skills through professional training and workshops organized by The Pathology Network. 

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