Membership Overview

Membership Overview

Membership to The Pathology network presents you with an opportunity to become part of a team that is dedicated to transforming the field of pathology and lab medicine through shared quality standards and technology.  Membership means credible laboratory tests, transparent processes, affordable prices, access to training and protection from exploitation for you and your patient.

Being a member of The Pathology Network presents you with Choice, Power, & Control in test facility selection and management. Consequently, resulting to expanded test repertoire, increased test capacity, fast, affordable and accurate laboratory diagnosis.

We have brought together over 15 pathologists, working in 6 member labs across the country all on one online platform. We are ready to serve you and your patients through timely diagnostic services and through training in critical diagnostic techniques like collecting pap smears and core biopsies.

The various membership categories give you the freedom to choose what is most suitable for you and your facility. Our team will guide you on choosing the category that suits you best.

At The Pathology Network, we are dedicated to enable you become a beacon of hope to the community you serve through quality diagnostic services.

We look forward to working with you as we change the diagnostic story together.

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