ALIS-Trn Overview

Pathology practice in Africa suffers numerous problems, the major one being the shortage of pathologists. Entrants

into the practice are much fewer than those leaving it; pathologists in employment either retire or move on to pursue personal ventures. Many health facilities have had openings for pathologist positions that they have been unable to fill due to this scarcity.

The expansion of screening programs and the growing complexity of tests are placing immense pressure on the workforce.

Technology is changing advancements in medicine and health by technological achievements, information technology, and developing

innovations. These, in turn, change how we practice and provide health care. Like other medical specialties, pathology practice has had to respond to the rising needs and challenges within the health sector through technology.

The Pathology Network (TPN) is an online digital platform devoted to giving support to all African countries that have problems in the delivery of health care services in Pathology through technology. At The Pathology Network, we provide a digital platform where we support key professionals in pathology to collaborate on our online test referral and reporting platform software ALIS-Trn.

Pathologists, medical facilities, and pathologists will reap many benefits once they subscribe to ALIS-Trn.

Unlimited data reserve 

  • The software offers unlimited secure storage for data that is conveniently accessible from any location in the world.

 Optimize efficiency 

  • Digital images of test samples can be sent instantly to specialists in any location around the world.
  • Sends SMS alerts through a mobile phone app, notifying the clinician, laboratory, and patient when a test is ready.
  • It provides an online list of pre-qualified labs, their geographical location, and the pricing of their tests.
  • It enables secure payment for the tests through the platform.

Improved workflow:

  • Medical facilities can find a list of pre-qualified labs online and their geographical location, and explore other labs on the platform with the same login. Hence, they save the time used to make numerous calls looking for referrals.
  • They can search the network and see all the labs with the required specialized test and pricing.
  • Get alerts for tracking every stage of the tissue samples, including their transportation to the laboratories.

Enhanced Communication

  • A Laboratory Information Management System offers seamless direct communication with members on the platform from any location in the world.

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