Do you want to become part of the future of pathology? ALIS-trn presents an opportunity for you to make the shift. ALIS-trn is a digital pathology platform that allows you to access all your pathology cases by the click of your phone or computer anytime from anywhere in the world. The digital platform brings together professionals in pathology medicine and medical facilities from across the world via the The Pathology Network.

ALIS-trn is designed to offer you a one- stop 360 solution for your entire pathology diagnostic process making it more convenient for you hence faster diagnostics. The system is designed to lessen the burden of making endless phone calls and physical trips to pathology labs by both medical practitioners and patients hence complimenting the already existing health structures. The platform has specialized features that allow different users to access online services that are most suitable for them. Pathologists, pathology labs, clinical officers, medical facilities, lab technicians and lab managers are all covered by ALIS-trn.

Benefits of ALIS-trn 

Unlimited data reserve 

  • The software offers you with unlimited secure storage for data that is conveniently accessible from any location in the world.

Digital pathology images

  • Digital images of test samples are to you in any location around the world.  

Real time notifications

  • Instant SMS alerts through your mobile phone app, notifying you and your patient when a test report is ready.

Online list of pathology labs

  • The platform provides you with an online list of pre-qualified labs, their geographical location, and the pricing of their tests.

Secure payment

  • It enables secure payment for the tests through the platform.

 Improved workflow:

  • ALIS-trn allows you to create patient accounts, assign, track and report cases online thus creating a systematic flow of work.

Enhanced Communication

  • ALIS–trn offers you seamless direct communication with members on the platform from any location in the world. 

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