Medical facilities are the first contact centre for patients in need of pathology services. Delay of a single step ends up messing up the entire diagnosis process. Worry not. We have a solution for this. ALIS-trn is tailor-made to equip your hospital, health centre or clinic to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis through safe data storage, real time monitoring of cases, direct communication with pathologists and has an online reporting system that saves you the trouble of travelling all the way to pick reports from pathologist labs.  

Digital pathology is a new trend in pathology which is what ALIS-trn brings at your disposal. Through technology, your medical facility will now be able to handle numerous tests promptly through a digital platform among other numerous benefits.

Benefits of ALIS-trn to medical facilities

Streamlined workflow

  • Helps your facility to access and benefit from a streamlined workflow in managed logistics, test referrals and test results.

Increased test capacity and faster diagnosis

  • The platform allows you to assign work anywhere in the world through digital images as well as seek second opinion.

 Improved Communication

  • ALIS-trn provides you with seamless direct communication with pathology laboratories and pathologists from any location in the world.

Instant messages

  • The system sends you SMS alerts through a mobile phone app, notifying the clinician, laboratory, and patient when a test result is ready.

Data storage

  • Provides you with secure storage of unlimited data that is connected to mobile apps for easy tracking a and preservation of digital slides.

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